How to use influencers to attract more customers to your restaurant

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May 9, 2018
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May 9, 2018

How to use influencers to attract more customers to your restaurant

Nowadays there are many people who create and share information online about gastronomy. From bloggers to instagrammers, foodies or youtubers, these “influencers” have been gaining a lot of credibility from their followers. For a restaurant, taking advantage of these new digital “celebrities” could become an ideal way to reach potential customers.

But this is a time-consuming promotional strategy: it requires patience, dedication, and creativity to get these influencers to publish content about your restaurant. To reach the influencers pay attention to these three points:


Finding the Right Influencer

This topic is very important because not all influencers, however many followers, may be relevant to the business. You should find an influencer that is related to the contents of the restaurant.

It is important to study the profile of the influencer and the degree of influence that this has on his community. Some aspects should be analyzed such as:

  • The social networks of the influencer;
  • Your previous posts;
  • The type of content you publish;
  • The number of followers;
  • Your engagement rate


Know the influencer

Treat the influencer in the same way as a regular customer. This is because your audience is the general public, so your experience should be the same as someone else’s so that they can describe “real feelings” to their followers. For him, it will be interesting to show his followers why the restaurant can be considered a great experience.


Conquer the influencers

There are many ways to interact with influencers. From the promotion of workshops, tasting events or even gastronomic conferences, everything is a reason to share information that is valuable. Follow this technique and see that the influencers will follow your page and share it with the world.

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