The power of digital influencers in the market

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April 11, 2018
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May 9, 2018

The power of digital influencers in the market

Youtubers, bloggers and instagrammers now respond by one name: digital influencer. The term has become popular in recent years and has created a category for those who produce content more professionally for the web, regardless of the social network in which they operate. The labor market perceived the benefits that these professionals bring and welcomed them, using the power of impact of their messages for the benefit of companies.

The power to give opinions on products, brands or companies, once exclusive to large media agencies, is now lived daily. The opinion, the experience and the use are what gives more weight to the publicity produced by the digital influencers of normal. Today, all of us, on a larger or smaller scale, produce web content – what differs is how this content is done.

Digital influencers are people who use the network more frequently and professionally. They generate engagement, influence others to use or buy a particular product, and earn money and visibility from it. In order to succeed in this environment, you must always treat the subject as a business and keep the audience in mind. The key is to work in a niche and specialize in it. The chances of success for those who are more focused are greater. Other tips for those who want to join this market are being frequent in their posts, loyalty to the audience, producing authorial content that has opinion and not lose the essence. Influencers have great responsibility in the market. The proximity to the public is greater and so the impact too.

In a market crowded with influencers with huge audiences, micro-influencers began to stand out. YouPix’s latest Influencers Market research revealed that a large audience does not always mean a great deal of engagement, so the more defined the audience there is the more likely marketing will work.

Micro-digital influencers are another name for regional digital influencers, from a very specific niche or who have a lower audience. The market benefits from these professionals by their expertise in their public, in this case there is a greater openness of regional companies focused on the same branch of micro-influencer. Micro-influencers are also cheaper than formal campaigns made by agencies.

The valuation of these professionals is something that some companies leave aside. It is necessary to show to the companies that this is a serious profession, to show that a good photo, a post, a text has a lot of work behind it, that takes time and that it is necessary to pay just.

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