Organize your Instagram feed and keep your brand identity

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May 9, 2018
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Organize your Instagram feed and keep your brand identity

Instagram is definitely one of the most important platforms of the moment and is becoming essential for almost every digital marketing strategy. So much for its influence, there are some foolproof tips for succeeding in this network. All of them converge for the elaboration of great photos and subtitles. A user’s attraction depends on a great feed to earn the right follow.

When the Instagram user sees a picture and likes it, he will naturally be interested in who posted it and so visit the person’s profile. Your first impression will be on the feed, and if it’s unattractive the visitor will not become a follower.

A multi-follower profile is extremely important to keep a fan base engaged and that will ensure visibility to a brand or influence. Therefore, an organized feed is important, since it functions as a gateway for a visitor to become a fan. Because it is the first impression a user will have on your profile, the feed must also match your visual identity.

Something important to conquer an organized feed is already having an established visual identity. But before you start developing your visual identity, you should know your audience, what they like and how they interact.

To build a uniform, organized and harmonious feed the color palette should match the colors of the brand and its products, in addition to the website and the blog. They should be thought according to what you want to be transmitted.

You should also think about the arrangement of the images. It shows aesthetic concern when looking at the whole of the feed. For this, it is possible to use the same background for the images or to opt for centralized elements.

When choosing the style of photographs, choose the subjects that your brand will also address. Ideally, at least three types of posts should be chosen so that your posts are not monotonous and entertain your fans with more diversity. One must also consider how the intercalation between them will be.

Filters are great for photos. They generate greater engagement with followers. A great option is to leave some pre-defined filters. So, you can already establish a guide how the photos will be edited.

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