How to make a successful Instagram profile and win followers

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May 9, 2018
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June 11, 2018

How to make a successful Instagram profile and win followers

The first thing you should keep in mind to gain followers on Instagram is that you will need to post relevant content, that is, bring useful and valuable information to the people who follow you. Thousands of profiles are created daily in the social network and if you want to stand out, you need to dedicate more than others, do something different, make people want to follow your posts.

These tips will help you gain more followers, build an Instagram that stands out from others and maintain a healthy relationship with your followers.

Explore the hashtags

Instagram offers the feature of using hashtags in your publications. Hashtags are those keywords that come shortly after the “#” symbol. Hashtag words favor the dynamism of the social network. This is because when someone clicks on a hashtag, you can see various publications that make use of it. That’s where one of the secrets comes to gain tanned Instagram and possibly new followers.

The second strategy behind hashtags is to look for tags that are related to your profile. When you search, you find terms related to what you’ve searched for, view the top publications and the latest publications. From here you can interact with people who are making use of these hashtags. You can like their posts, leave a comment and most importantly, follow these people. That’s because when you follow someone, that person gets a notification and they might come to visit your Instagram, like your posts, and follow you as well.

Interact with your followers

Do you want to conquer your followers? Give them due attention. When people comment on your publications, interact with them. Keep up with the posts of the people you follow and like the ones you enjoy. One way to increase engagement with your audience is to make publications with questions. That way, people feel more interested and comfortable in leaving a comment on your photos and videos.

Make publications at the right time

This is a tip that varies from profile to profile. The ideal here is for you to try to map the time range in which your posts generate greater engagement. This depends a lot on your niche acting. Some profiles, are more followed during business hours, others have their followers more attuned at night. So, take the test, write down and try to post at the best times.

Bring your audience to Instagram

If you have a good amount of fans on Facebook or even a large contact list in your email marketing program, how about targeting your audience to Instagram? The delivery rate of publications on Instagram is much better than that of Facebook and the chance of its follower being impacted in this social network is greater. There are several Facebook applications that allow you to associate your Instagram with your fanpage.

With regard to email, the tactic you can use is quite simple. Just send an email to your contact base inviting them to see a photo or video you posted on Instagram. Tell them that you will keep your profile updated daily with new photos and that they can use more of that channel to keep up with your work.

Instagram Stories

Stories is an incredible resource that Instagram offers for you to take your message to more people and increase even more engagement with your audience. The purpose of this function is to actually tell short stories, through photos or videos of short duration. There are a number of effects and tools that help make your stories even more engaging.

No Stories Poll

Did you know that it is possible to do a poll through Instagram Stories? Yes, you can get your audience’s opinion on any subject you want! With this, you can get strategic information and identify, in practice, what your audience wants.

Link in Stories

Another very nice possibility in Instagram Stories is the option to include an external link, to take the people of your profile to any page of the WEB. For now, this feature is only available for profiles with more than 10,000 followers.

If you already have this amount of followers, know that this is a great option for those who have partnerships with shops, bar, restaurants, etc. The link helps give the site greater visibility by making them want to keep the partnership longer. It also gives more professionalism and credibility to your work with influencer.

Win followers automatically without buying them

The best way to increase your base of followers in this social network, is in a natural way. Therefore, you should not buy followers on Instagram. It is better to have a smaller number of followers, who actually interact with your profile, than a large number who don’t even see your posts. Build a quality profile and you will have a quality audience.

We know that you shouldn’t buy followers and  the best way to attract people to your profile is by posting quality content and interacting with people through hashtags and users who follow profiles similar to yours. However, following and liking people manually, gives work and requires time and dedication. Thinking of optimizing and automating this process, the are tools that do this work for you have appeared on the market. That way, you focus only on content creation, while the tool follows people and like the publications for you.

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