The Secret Sauce

Our Winning Formula improves brand perception through online & offline experiences

Atmosphere Models

Our models, the foundation of our experiential marketing strategies, empower delivery of your key messages designed to deliver ROI. They create positive physical engagement between your customers and your brand, evoking variants of happy emotions, increasing the probability of association of these happy emotions to your brand, consequently stimulating the Holy Grail of business: positive word of mouth. Whether our aim is to launch your product/service/experience, increase lead generation, raise awareness, or improve customer perception of your brand, our strategists and models know that consumer perception can make you or break you, so it’s up to both of us to make sure it makes you. The difference between atmosphere models and promotional models/hostesses: Atmosphere Models create the vibe. They are the life of the party. Promotional models/hostesses are human billboards. They are in your face. Robust brand awareness is created subconsciously; people unconsciously link the physical characteristics of the atmosphere model with your brand, without stigmatizing them as advertisements, a subtle but vital difference. Atmosphere models are regularly hired by large night clubs. A venue will hire atmosphere models when planning opening parties or larger special events. Atmosphere models ensure that a large number of attractive people show in pictures of the event, casting the event as a huge success, which snowballs into more hip and attractive people attending the following week.

Influence Marketing

Identifying and building relationships with individuals who have influence over your target audience Influencers are considered subject matter experts; their followers trust their opinions. Parties/bars/restaurants who wish to attract Millennials know that social media is the most effective platform to reach them. Brands benefit from associating with an influencer whose followers trust them to consider the influencers posts an implicit recommendation. We look at the DNA of your brand to connect you with influencers who fit your target audience or your dream customers like a glove to multiply your social buzz. The decision to move forward is simple. The results achieved in the short and long term are extraordinary. Don't let this opportunity pass!

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is created subconsciously. People link the physical characteristics of the atmosphere model with the brand they are seen with. Our models are trained under LAM standards so they know how to represent your brand in the best light and deliver the best possible experience to your customers. Our Influencer Models are beautiful and engaging; who understand the mingling that’s so important to getting a conversation started. Our atmosphere models are professional young models who pride themselves on giving you and your target audience an event to remember. They can engage with your guests one-on-one or in large groups.

Macro Influencers

Executives, bloggers, and journalists who have 10,000–1,000,000 followers and drive 5% — 25% engagement per post. They have the highest relevance on the spectrum, with category-specific influence – such as lifestyle, fashion or business.

Mega Influencers

Actors/actresses, artists, athletes and social celebrities with over 1,000,000 followers obtain 2% — 5% engagement per post. They have the highest degree of reach and the lowest overall resonance when it comes to driving actions on behalf of a brand.

Micro Influencers

A social media user who has 500-10,000 followers and drive 25% —  50% engagement per post. They have the highest overall resonance when it comes to driving actions because they have a much stronger bond with the individuals in their network.


Authentic endorsements net consumer engagement, an organic boost to SEO and higher ROI. We analyze these metrics from Day 1 of our campaign until the end, proving the increase we are looking for and monitoring our performance. The Key Performance Indicators tracked include: unique visitors, activity across multiple social channels, quality of content, audience demographics and psychographics, comments, re-posts, shares and other interactions.

Soft ROI

Brand strength, customer experience, customer loyalty are all examples of soft ROI. Soft ROI is a long-term investment based on the time and effort we put into building a positive connection between your customers and your brand. Although not immediately measurable, soft ROI should not be overlooked. It is an irrefutable component in providing the long-term returns your business will enjoy in the years to come.

Hard ROI

Spikes in sales, increases in website visits and surges in numbers of customers are examples of hard ROI. Hard ROI is more immediate and can be easily tracked and attributed to its sourc

Strategy, Development, Execution

Understanding your needs and combining the best strategies to achieve your goals

Relevant Strategies Implemented by Understanding Your Goals When we design a campaign, we identify the influencers & models in your target market and others who have a following or audience for opinions relevant to your brand. Social media posts, experiences, memories, and story-telling are Brand Activations. Brand Activations subconsciously form long-term emotional connections. Emotional connections result in consumer action. The goal of our campaigns is to get consumers to make decisions that feel “right.” The results achieved in both short and long term are extraordinary. We don’t simply put you on social media, we amplify your message until it has the power to reach vast audiences. Let them transmit your message. Don’t let them never hear it.