Digital marketing tips for your establishment

The power of digital influencers in the market
May 9, 2018
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May 9, 2018

Digital marketing tips for your establishment

One of digital marketing’s strengths is the diversity of strategies available. Whether you have a small, medium or large venue, having a digital strategy to win more customers is key. Users can be on several different channels, so here are a few ways to reach them.


First, you must know who your audience is on the internet. What sites do they like to visit, what social networks do they use, what kind of language do they resonate with? You need to know this to plan your bar’s digital marketing campaign. Once you’ve identified your audience and where they’re most likely to see your brand, it’s time to take action. 7 strategies you can use to promote the name of your venue on the internet:



Paying less is always awesome, as long as the service is good. If your venue has a Facebook page, for example, you could make discounts where the customer must bring the image advertised by the bar to get a discount. This tells you how many customers are watching you on Facebook and then convert to customers.

Another idea is to advertise on-site promotions and ask for user interaction. The ideal is to communicate and ask for a response from the public so that the page is not “talking to itself”.


Display Network:

To get more people in touch with your brand, you can work with a campaign on the Google Display Network by displaying banners from your venue on sites related to your business.

You can tweak campaign targeting, watch time, frequency cap, and other features. The Display Network has a very large reach. But a lower cost option is buying private spaces on advertiser sites.


Social media:

Create a fan page to interact with your audience and be engaged with the users of social networks. Watch what your audience likes to see in your news feed. The digital public is more and more demanding and they want, more than ever, to relate to brands. Address relevant topics and create a personality for the fan page of your establishment.

Remember that Instagram is a social network of images, so do not write too much in the posts. Post new drinks, photos of employees joking, enjoy the moments and target the right hashtags. Instagram is a great tool to make your bar profile more humanized and not something plastered and formal.

By doing a good job with social media you can achieve organic growth. Act consistent and be present at the times your audience most uses the network.


Social proof:

Your page evaluations will tell you if your venue delivers what it promises and will influence the decision of a good number of users. This is one of the most important points of a good digital marketing strategy for venues. Evaluations are your social proof and users rely more on the opinion of others than on what you say about yourself. Use this tool to your advantage.


Google Adwords:

Strategically invest in this at times when people are in droves looking for bars and restaurants.

You can set up and leave your campaign already structured to make it easier to manage the ads, but you should pay full attention to it during the most opportune times and days for your campaign to run.

When we work with digital marketing campaigns for physical businesses, we need to create different ways of measuring how people affected by the ads. Use your creativity to guide the customer from an online encounter to an offline interaction.



A content marketing strategy is another great alternative to bring notoriety to your venue. There are hundreds of different subjects you can engage with to keep your audience entertained and nurtured with relevant content.

The blog format often allows you to delve deeper into subjects and use more educational language. Additionally, working with blog content is a great way to be found in Google’s organic search results.


Email Marketing:

For digital marketing of venues an email marketing campaign must be very well planned and stick to a timeline. The emails will serve to spread the contents of your blog and also to alert potential customers about promotions.

Implementing an email newsletter gives you one more resource to get your customers’ emails. You can even make a loyalty club for subscribers, with exclusive deals that no one will want to miss.


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