Creating meaningful online and offline connections in the age of robots and shift opinion or behavior

Local Atmosphere Models specializes in experience activations for any event. We strive to maintain our reputation for delivering discrete and exemplary service.

They Can’t Forget

Leverage the power of our model influencers to enhance the relationship between your patrons and your event.

Our Approach – From Insight to Action
Providing the apex of customer experience drives thousands of successful business people. How do they accomplish it? What does it mean? Human experience is multidimensional. It is influenced by many things and encompasses the whole of our senses; our bodies, our minds and our emotions.

Creating a unique experience is done by minding your P’s (product, place, places, and processes), the sum of which equals your brand. The value your experience offers is derived from the tangible and intangible elements of every interaction at every one of your customer touch points.

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